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January 11 – The Austrian nobility are granted freedom of religion.

January 23 – The Royal Exchange opens in London, England.

March 18 – The Order of the Knights of Saint John transfers the capital of Malta, from Birgu to Valletta.

May 24 – Moscow is burnt by the Crimean army, under Devlet I Giray.

June 3 – Following the conquest of the Kingdom of Maynila, Spanish Conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi makes Manila a city, and the capital of the Philippines.

June 25 – Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle, is founded in Lincolnshire, England.

June 27 – Jesus College is established "within the City and University of Oxford of Queen Elizabeth's foundation" in England, by Welsh cleric and lawyer Hugh Price.

July 25 – St Olave's Grammar School is founded in Tooley Street, London.

August 1 – The Ottoman conquest of Cyprus is concluded, by the surrender of Famagusta. Cyprus is established as an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire, and the first Turkish colony moves into the island.

August 29 – Liliw, Laguna, Philippines is founded by Gat Tayaw, followers and residents as a municipality of Laguna.

September 28 – The House of Commons of England introduces the first pro forma bill, symbolizing its authority over its own affairs.

Battle of Lepanto, 1571
October 7 – Battle of Lepanto: Spanish, Venetian, and Papal naval forces, under Don John of Austria, defeat the Turkish fleet of Ali Monizindade Pasha.

Date unknown
Using mercury in the silver extraction process dramatically increases the output of the Potosí mine; thus begins the great silver flow that links the New and Old Worlds.

The Swedish Church Ordinance 1571 creates the first complete order of the Protestant Swedish church. The church ordinance also includes a chapter about schooling, in which all children in the cities, regardless of sex, are to be given elementary schooling.

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