"Here lies a wretched corse, of wretched soul bereft"
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2017-09-03 14:18:46 UTC
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Alcibiades - V iv 84

Timon of Athens

[Reads the epitaph]

'Here lies a
wretched corse, of wretched soul bereft:
Seek not my name: a plague consume you wicked caitiffs left!
Here lie I, Timon; who, alive, all living men did hate:
Pass by and curse thy fill, but pass and stay not here thy gait.'
These well express in thee thy latter spirits:
Though thou abhorr'dst in us our human griefs,
Scorn'dst our brain's flow and those our droplets which
From niggard nature fall, yet rich conceit
Taught thee to make vast Neptune weep for aye
On thy low grave, on faults forgiven.
Dead Is noble Timon: of whose memory
Hereafter more. Bring me into your city,
And I will use the olive with my sword,
Make war breed peace, make peace stint war, make each
Prescribe to other as each other's leech.
Let our drums strike.

William Shakespeare
2017-09-04 16:53:29 UTC
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Art Neuendorffer
2017-10-11 18:20:45 UTC
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