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January 30 – Pope Clement VIII (born Ippolito Aldobrandini) succeeds Pope Innocent IX, who died one month earlier, as the 231st pope.

February 7 – George Gordon, 1st Marquess of Huntly, sets fire to Donibristle Castle in Scotland, and murders James Stewart, 2nd Earl of Moray.

March 3 – Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland's oldest university, is founded.

March 14 – Ultimate Pi Day: the largest correspondence between calendar dates and significant digits of pi, since the introduction of the Julian calendar.

April 4 – The future Henry IV of France, King designate of Henry III of France, announces in a declaration, so-called "Expedient," his intention to take instruction in, and convert to, the Catholic religion.

April 13 – The Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–98) begin, with the Siege of Busanjin.

April 24 – Battle of Sangju: The Japanese are victorious over the Koreans (Joseon).

April 28 – Battle of Ch'ungju: Japan inflicts a decisive defeat on Korea.

May 7 – Battle of Okpo: The Korean navy is victorious over Japan.

May 29 – Battle of Sacheon: Korean admiral Yi Sun-sin destroys all 13 Japanese ships taking part, using his improved turtle ship for the first time in battle.

June 2 – Battle of Dangpo:The Korean navy is again victorious over Japan.

June 10 - June 19 – Siege of Bihać in the Kingdom of Croatia, by Hasan Pasha Predojević of the Ottoman Empire. Bihać is captured and lost for Croatia forever.

July 8 – Battle of Hansan Island: Korean admiral Yi Sun-sin destroys or captures around 60 Japanese ships without loss, in a battle in which around 190 ships take part.

July 20 – The Japanese capture the Korean capital Pyongyang, causing Seonjo to request the assistance of Ming Dynasty Chinese forces, who recapture the city a year later.

July 30 – Alonso de Sotomayor petitions the viceroy of Peru for more troops, to help resist attacks by Indians and English pirates.

August 9 – English explorer John Davis, commander of the Desire, probably discovers the Falkland Islands.

August 14 – Battle of Hansan Island: The Korean navy defeats the Japanese.

August 15 (or 19) – The great Portuguese carrack, Madre De Deus, captured in a fierce battle in the Azores, enters Dartmouth harbour on 7 September, and is then subjected to mass theft.

September 1 – Battle of Busan: The Korean fleet makes a surprise attack on the Japanese, but fails to break their supply lines to Busan.

October 5 – Siege of Jinju: The Korean navy is victorious over the Japanese.

November 17 – John III is succeeded by his son Sigismund, as King of Sweden.

Date unknown:

The Collegium Melitense is founded by Bishop Garagallo.

William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley, chief adviser of Queen Elizabeth I of England, is taken seriously ill.

Negotiations begin, for the dissolution of the childless marriage of Henry IV of France and Marguerite of Valois.

The Confucian shrine of Munmyo is destroyed by fire.

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