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March 13 – Battle of Tondibi: In Mali, forces sent by the Saadi Dynasty ruler of Morocco, Ahmad al-Mansur, and led by Judar Pasha, defeat the Songhai Empire, despite being outnumbered by at least five to one.

April 10 – English merchant James Lancaster sets off on a voyage to the East Indies.

April 21 – Japanese tea-master Sen no Rikyū commits seppuku, on the order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

May 15 – In Russia, Tsarevich Dimitri, son of the Ivan the Terrible, is found dead in mysterious circumstances, at the palace in Uglich. The official explanation is that he has cut his own throat during an epileptic seizure. Many believe he has been murdered by his rival, Boris Godunov, who becomes tsar.

May 24 – Sir John Norreys, with an expeditionary force sent by Queen Elizabeth I of England, takes the town of Guingamp after a brief siege, on behalf of Henry of Navarre.

May 30 – Timbuktu is captured by an expedition of Arma people, sent by the Saadi ruler of Morocco, and led by Judar Pasha.

May 30 – Zutphen is captured by the Dutch and English, under Maurice of Nassau.

June 10 – Deventer is captured by the Dutch, under Maurice of Nassau.

July 25 – Maurice of Nassau and Francis Vere defeat the Duke of Parma, outside Nijmegen.

July 22 – The Durtnell (Dartnell) Family of Brasted, Kent, England, begin to work as building contractors. They will still be functioning under the twelfth generation of the family, in the 21st century.

August – Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex leads an English army in support of the Protestant Henry IV of France, at the Siege of Rouen.


During this year's Atlantic hurricane season, probably the most severe of the pre-1600 seasons, at least eight intense hurricanes occur.

September 1 – HMS Revenge is captured by the Spanish ,following a battle off Flores island.

September 14 – Hulst is captured by Maurice.

October 21 – Nijmegen is captured by Maurice.

October 26 – The Portuguese invasion of Jaffna Kingdom begins.

October 29 – Pope Innocent IX succeeds Pope Gregory XIV, as the 230th pope.
Date unknown

The city of Hyderabad, India is founded by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.

The Rialto Bridge in Venice, designed by Antonio da Ponte, is completed.

The first of the Conimbricenses commentaries on Aristotle, by the Jesuits of the University of Coimbra, is published.

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