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June 16 – Mary, Queen of Scots, recognizes Philip II of Spain as her heir.

July 6 – The Treaty of Berwick is signed between Queen Elizabeth I of England, and King James VI of Scotland.

September 20–21 – Execution of the Babington Plotters: The 14 men convicted of the Babington Plot, which intended to murder Queen Elizabeth and replace her with Mary Stuart, are executed over two days in St Giles Field, London. They are all hung, drawn and quartered. The executions of the first seven traitors on 20 September is carried out in a particularly cruel way.

September 22 – Battle of Zutphen: Spanish troops defeat the Dutch rebels and their English allies.

November 19 – Henry Barrowe, English Separatist Puritan, is imprisoned.

December 17 – The reign of Emperor Ōgimachi of Japan ends, and Emperor Go-Yōzei ascends to the throne of Japan.

Date unknown:

Toyotomi Hideyoshi becomes Daijō-daijin of Japan.

William Harrison becomes canon of Windsor.

Simon Stevin, a Flemish mathematician, demonstrates that two objects of different weight fall with the same speed.

St. Augustine, Florida, and Santo Domingo (modern day Dominican Republic) are plundered and burned, by English sea captain Sir Francis Drake.

Jacobus Gallus composes his motet O magnum mysterium.

The first English ship Vanguard is launched in England.

English explorer Thomas Cavendish begins his circumnavigation of the globe.

The cities of Voronezh, Samara, and Tyumen in Russia are founded.

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